Dear Orna: I'm starting a new job next week and I'm really nervous. I've been at my old job for nearly five years and I know everyone and everything. Now I will be starting from scratch. How can I make sure to get off on the right foot? -- Signed: FEELING AWKWARD

Dear FEELING AWKWARD: The first week of a new job is a whirlwind of introductions, meetings and details. There is not getting around being the new kid on the block, but there are some secrets to a successful start . . .
Dear Orna: I know nobody is perfect, so why is it so hard for me to accept criticism with grace? - - Signed: FEELING DEFENSIVE

Dear FEELING DEFENSIVE: It's not uncommon for people to react with defensiveness and anger . . . or even worse, attack the person giving them feedback. But the truth is . . .
Dear Orna: Last week I presented a new idea to my boss, but she rejected it. Yesterday, she presented that same idea to her boss, and he loved it. She took all the credit! As an employee, do I have to put up with that? Signed: OUTRAGED!

Dear OUTRAGED: No one likes it when other people steal their ideas, or take advantage of their power. But before you get even more outraged, be sure you are not making some wrong assumptions . . .