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Dear Orna: I like to swear at work. Will I get fired?

Curse words have become a natural part of daily language and I like to pepper my comments with swear words to make my point. My roommate says swearing will hurt my career. Will it?

~ Signed: What the F#$%^! 



"Can we talk?" Life Lessons From Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers died at the age of 81 and there has been a lot of talk about the impact she has made on women, business and our lives. She made us laugh and she built an empire with her antics.  

Listen to the Lessons We've Learned from Joan!



Dear Orna: My co-worker is "cheating" and trying to get the job I deserve!

My co-worker is applying to the same job as me but is using inside information to his advantage.  I know I am better qualified, but I don't want to play dirty!   

Signed: What's Fair in Jobs and War?



Dear Orna: Is networking real or simply insincere, pretentious and manipulative?

I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Everyone is all about networking and I just don't get it. What's the point? Who needs it? 

Signed: Here's My Business Card!



Dear Orna: My babysitter cancelled this morning. Now what?

Five minutes before I was leaving for work, my babysitter cancelled. Can I take my child into the office:  

Signed: Desperate Mother!



Dear Orna: I can't take criticism and it's hurting my career!

I know nobody is perfect, so why is it so hard for me to accept criticism gracefully? 

Signed: Feeling Defensive!



Dear Orna: I'm starting a new job and I'm really nervous!

After five years in my current role, I'm leaving my company and starting a new job. I'm a nervous wreck! How can I be sure to get off on the right foot? 

Signed: Feeling Awkward!



Dear Orna: My boss is stealing my ideas!

Last week I presented a new idea to my boss, but she rejected it. Yesterday, she presented that same idea to HER boss and he loved it. She took all the credit!  Do I have to put up with that? 

Signed: Outraged!



Dear Orna: What's wrong with flirting at work?

I love to flirt, but my roommate says I'm putting my job at risk. Is it OK to flirt at work?

Signed: Having harmless fun   



Dear Orna:  I deserve a raise!

I haven't had a raise in nearly 3 years and I believe that I am doing a great job. How can I convince my boss he should give me a raise?

Signed:  I am worth more


Dear Orna: My boss micromanages me and it drives me crazy!

I have been in my current position for over 3 years but my NEW boss micromanages my every move. How can I get her to stop?

Signed: Stop stalking me!


Dear Orna: My co-worker is an absolute slob!

My co-worker's work area is an absolute pigsty! There are piles of paper on the chairs and floor, half-eaten food all around and tchotchkes in every corner. She makes our whole department look like a dump. How can I get her to clean up?

Signed: Desperate for Clean Space!


Dear Orna: My colleague is a thief.

I have noticed that my colleague is stealing stuff from our office. Almost daily, he takes home a stash of file folders, boxes of pens and even cases of cookies our employer provides us free in the coffee room. I don't think it's right. How can I confront him and get him to stop?

Signed, Witness to a Crime


Dear Orna: I badmouthed my boss and now I'm worried he'll hear about it.

I admit it. I've been badmouthing my boss to a few of my co-workers. And now I found out that one of them socializes with my boss on weekends.  I am worried this will get back to him.  Should I ignore it; or do something?

Signed: Tail Between My Legs