Dear Orna: I love to flirt, but my roommate says I'm putting my job at risk. Is it OK to flirt at work?
~ Signed: Having Harmless Fun :-)

Dear Having Harmless Fun: In the popular show, The Office, Pam and Jim's romance is an entertaining and beautiful thing. But in real life, things rarely go that smoothly . . .
Dear Orna: I share a small workspace with a chronic complainer and have to listen to his grievances and whining all day long. It drives me crazy! How can I make him stop?
~ Signed: Tired of all the whining!

Dear Tired of All The Whining: My heart goes out to you. There are few things that will bring you down quicker than spending your day with a constant complainer. Problem is . . .
Dear Orna: It seems that curse words have become a natural part of daily language. I like to pepper my comments with swear words but my roommate says that swearing at work will hurt my career? Will it?
~Signed: What the F#%@&*^!!

Dear WHAT THE F#%@&*^!!: I won't just give you my opinion, I will give you some freakin' facts, first! According to a recent Career Builder survey, over half of workers admit to swearing at the office. Of that group, 95% said they do so in front of their co-workers and 51% curse in front of their boss. But the study also indicated . . .
Dear Orna: I am applying for a job at my firm but I just found out that my co-worker is trying to get the same job by using his connections to get inside information. I strongly believe that I am the most qualified candidate for this position but I refuse to cheat to get the job. How can I play fair and still win?

Dear WHAT'S FAIR IN JOB AND WAR: I feel your pain, but whether fair or not, office politics is an element of business that is not going away. But if you are truly better qualified for the job, then you already have the advantage. My simple suggestion is this . . .