April 15th is TAX Day. How many deductions can you come up with? What else can you write off? Are there any hidden cracks or loopholes you've missed? How about E-mail? Think about it! What does e-mail actually cost you? Figure it out . . . .
The "Luck o' the Irish" has rubbed off on Corporate America. Companies have discovered that being green increases revenue, attracts the best talent, keeps employees happy and results in a better world.

So what do UPS, Google, REI and Smart MBAs have in common? They value the green . . .
Love, just like business, is all about building relationships, doing the right things and fanning the flame when it starts to go out. Love will steal your customers' hearts and keep their loyalty forever. In honor of Valentine's Day, apply these 3 Romance Lessons and watch your business heat up.
Transform your life in 2015. It's a lot easier than it sounds.

You don't need to make big changes in order to make a big impact. In fact, it's the small behavioral changes you make, and stick to, every single day, that will make the greatest difference in your ability to succeed. Here's how . . .
Dear Orna: I have been in my current position at my company for over three years, but my new boss micro-manages my every move. How can I get her to stop?
~Signed: Stop Stalking Me!

Dear 'Stop Stalking Me': I feel your pain. A micromanager can be very frustrating, but you have to remember that your (micro)-manager is your boss, so you don't want to antagonize her. Here is your dose of reality: if your manager is micromanaging you, she obviously feels uncomfortable about something - even if it has nothing to do with you . . .
Dear Orna: I haven't had a raise in 3 years, but I work really hard and I know I am doing a terrific job. How do I get my boss to give me a raise?
~ Signed: I am worth more!

Dear I Am Worth More: There are only two good reasons your boss will give you a raise: (1) You make him look good by adding value to his work, or (2) You help improve the company's bottom line. If you believe . . . .
Dear Orna: I love to flirt, but my roommate says I'm putting my job at risk. Is it OK to flirt at work?
~ Signed: Having Harmless Fun :-)

Dear Having Harmless Fun: In the popular show, The Office, Pam and Jim's romance is an entertaining and beautiful thing. But in real life, things rarely go that smoothly . . .
Dear Orna: Last week I presented a new idea to my boss, but she rejected it. Yesterday, she presented the same idea to her boss, and he loved it. She took all the credit! Do I have to put up with that because she is my boss?
~ Signed: Outraged!!!

Dear Outraged!: I don't blame you for being outraged. That does not sound fair, but before you get even more outraged . . .
Dear Orna: My plate is full, but my boss constantly hands me additional projects. I always say YES because I don't want him to think I'm incompetent. But I am overwhelmed. How can I say NO without sounding like a loser?
~ Signed: Burned Out

Dear Burned Out: Many people today are paranoid about losing their job so they are afraid to say, "No" to their boss. But keep in mind, if you're stressed and burned out, the quality of your work will suffer . . .
Dear Orna: I share a small workspace with a chronic complainer and have to listen to his grievances and whining all day long. It drives me crazy! How can I make him stop?
~ Signed: Tired of all the whining!

Dear Tired of All The Whining: My heart goes out to you. There are few things that will bring you down quicker than spending your day with a constant complainer. Problem is . . .