"Always wear clean underwear," said Mom. Advise as relevant in 1915 as it is in 2015!

Listen up if you use Facebook or Instagram . . . this one's for you! What was literal in 1915 applies to your virtual and digital underwear in 2015. You never know who will be following you online and making quick assumptions about your values and perspectives - so be careful . . .
Dear Orna: We have free speech in this country, right? So can I 'diss' my boss or company on my own Facebook page? My roommate says I'll get fired. Will I?
~Signed: Say What I Want!

Dear SAY WHAT I WANT: I feel your frustration, but not sure your solution will work. The legal answer to the question is: It's complicated. It depends of what you say and how you say it. Under the National Labor Relations Act, workers have the right to discuss their wages and conditions of employment when it involves two or more employees . . .